Daily Archives: 4 November 2011

"Bem te vi" (Great kiskadee), photo by Ben Tavener

This baby "bem te vi" (great kiskadee) flew right into our lounge, photo by Ben Tavener

It’s not every morning that you’re in the shower and an almighty racket suddenly starts in the lounge – well, one caused by an uninvited feathered friend anyway.

This morning a little “bem te vi” flew into our house and started flapping round our living room, landing on the paintings and furnishings but thankfully not leaving its mark, as it were.

In English it’s called a “great kiskadee” – and both “kiskadee” and “bem te vi” (literally translating from the Portuguese as “saw you well”) come from its call.

It depends which ears are listening as to what it says, I suppose, but strangely enough I hear the Portuguese version.

Anyway, we released it in grand style – and, of course, took the opportunity to whip out the iPhone to film the moment: