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Anadolu Agency

SÃO PAULO — Marina Silva would place second in the first round of the upcoming presidential elections, forcing a runoff in which she would tie with incumbent president, Dilma Rousseff, according to the first poll taken after the death of presidential candidate Eduardo Campos, killed in a plane crash last week.

Silva was Campos’s running mate and is all but certain to be announced by the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) as its electoral coalition’s new presidential candidate, expected this Wednesday.

According to the new Datafolha poll, Rousseff would take 36 percent of votes in the first round on 5 October, followed by 21 percent for Silva and 20 percent for Aécio Neves — requiring a runoff on 26 October.

A Rousseff-Silva second round would then be technically tied, given the margin or error of two percentage points either way, with 47 percent for Silva and 43 percent for Rousseff.

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