Brazil Podcast 10: Campos tragedy, presidential Marina Silva and kudos to us

A Brazilian Operating in This Area

We have reached our tenth edition! Thanks to you all.

As usual, our producer and is Sam Cowie, a freelance journalist in Rio.

Our guests are Ben Tavener, a freelance multimedia journalist based in Sao Paulo – he’s Brazil correspondent for the Anadolu news agency, and also contributes for the BBC, Al Jazeera, Mashable and others.

James Young, who writes about Brazil and Brazilian football for The Independent, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Fusion. His book of short stories about Recife, A Beer Before Lunch, is available on Amazon.

Leo Macario, a film scholar, who holds an MA in Communication and Culture and a PhD in Comparative Literature. His main areas of research include Brazilian Cinema, Carnival music in films and Film and Literature. Léo is Brazil podcast regular, based in Rio de Janeiro.

I am host Maurício Savarese.

We hope to be on iTunes pretty soon…

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