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SÃO PAULO — Violent clashes involving members of the FLM social housing movement spread across central São Paulo on Tuesday, after around 200 homeless families were evicted from an abandoned hotel in which they were squatting.

It was the third time police had attempted to carry out the formal eviction of the FLM families from the Hotel Aquarius, following a court order demanding the building be taken back.

Violent clashes broke out early on Tuesday, and a number of people were arrested and injured, when police responded harshly to aggressions from the evictees, who hurled objects from the building, as well as rocks and paint at officers.

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Anadolu Agency

SÃO PAULO — Brazil’s incumbent president Dilma Rousseff has extended her first-round lead over main rival Marina Silva, but a highly-likely runoff in October’s presidential elections remains a tie, a poll of voter intentions published Monday showed.

The results of a Vox Populi poll, commissioned by Brazil’s Record television network and which surveyed 2,000 people Sept. 13-14, said Workers’ Party candidate Rousseff received 36 percent of voter support, nine points ahead of Silva, the Socialist Party candidate, who came in at 27 percent.

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