About Ben Tavener

*Ben has now left Brazil to take up a new position for the BBC in London. TO BE UPDATED.*

Ben Tavener is a freelance multimedia and broadcast journalist based in São Paulo, Brazil’s biggest city and business hub.

Ben has been reporting from Brazil and South America since 2011, and is now chief Brazil correspondent for the Anadolu news agency. He also provides reports, analysis, features and photography for the BBC, CTV News, the EIU, VICE News, Mashable, Al Jazeera America and others.

Equipped with broadcast quality camcorder (Panasonic AG-AC90), DSLR (Nikon D7100), plus stabiliser, shotgun mic and basic lighting, and editing equipment, to provide photography.

Before moving to Brazil, Ben was a multimedia producer at the BBC World Service, specialising in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Please get in touch if you require original broadcast or written journalism or production work in Brazil or South America.

Aside from native English, Ben speaks Portuguese and Russian fluently, and French and Spanish to a useful level.

Follow Ben on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

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