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SÃO PAULO — Is Brazil destined to be the fattest country in the world? Some experts say it could be, and as soon as 2030.

Better healthcare means things like child mortality and deaths from many infectious diseases have fallen drastically in the last few decades.

But prosperity has brought with it new diseases: diabetes and heart disease are on the rise.

Ben Tavener reports from São Paulo.

(Produced/edited by Ben Tavener; filmed by Story Productions)

Anadolu Agency

SÃO PAULO – The latest in a series of protests against the World Cup in Brazil’s largest city, São Paulo, marched through the city center Wednesday evening in a bid to draw attention to problems with the country’s public health system.

Despite pouring rain, around 400 people gathered for the start of the fifth protest in a series, held under the banner of Não Vai Ter Copa (“There Will Be No World Cup”) at the world-famous São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP) on the city’s central Avenida Paulista business avenue.

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