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RIO DE JANEIRO — A crucial element in the fight against insect-borne diseases like dengue fever or malaria is the use of insecticides to kill the bugs that transmit the illness. However, many communities that are affected by dengue fever are inaccessible to heavy-duty spraying equipment.

Engineers in Brazil have come up with one possible solution. It is called Motofog: a motorbike-mounted mobile insecticide sprayer that can reach those hard-to-get-to areas.

As well as a string of locations across Brazil, Motofog is also now being used in countries in Africa and the Caribbean.

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BBC World News – Health Check

SÃO CARLOS – Scientists at the University of São Paulo have devised a new easy-to-use kiosk checkpoint that allows passers-by to check the UV (ultraviolet) protection of their sunglasses.

The team, headed by Professor Liliane Ventura, found that most sunglasses do match the protection advertised, and are now studying whether sunglasses lose their UV protection over time.

Report for BBC World News from USP’s São Carlos campus.